The Wardcaster Files

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The Final File: Richard Chase and The Hammersmith Ghost Murder

July 28, 2021

In this final episode of The Wardcaster Files, Sherrie discusses the Vampire of Sacramento - Richard Chase and Josh covers the unusual murder of the Ghost of Hammersmith. Thank you for your support over the last two years, i…

File 91: Angels of Death Dr. Harold Shipman and Elizabeth Wettlaufer

July 21, 2021

What motivates a health care professional to commit the ultimate betrayal and do harm to their patient? Sometimes it’s to spare the victim pain and suffering, but often there are other, nefarious reasons, like sex and greed…

File 90: Murder in the Family, Andrea Yates and Edward Gingerich

July 14, 2021

In 2001, while her husband was at work, Andrea Yates drowned all five of her young children in the bathtub. In 1993 Edward Gingerich killed his wife in a frenzy and became the first Amish man to be convicted of murder. What …

File 89: The Kingsbury Run Murders and the Murder of Patricia Sue Richmond

July 7, 2021

Who was responsible for killing and dismembering 12+ people in Cleveland, Ohio in the 1930’s? Was it one of the city’s homeless population or a skilled medical professional? In 1973 Patricia Sue Richmond was on her way home…

File 88: Children Who Kill - Danny Kovarbasich and Mary Bell

June 30, 2021

Danny Kovarbasich was only 16 years old when he violently beat and stabbed a friend of the family. Mary Bell was just 11 when she was convicted of murdering and mutilating two toddlers. What caused these two children to lash…

File 87: Religious Murders

June 23, 2021

Jeffrey Lundgren created an RLDS splinter group and proclaimed to be a prophet of the Lord, but why did he despise and hate his followers, the Avery family so much? On the flip side, John Lawson believed he was the demon Paz…