Hi! I’m Joshua Lancaster.
And I’m Sherrie Ward, and this is The Wardcaster Files.
A true crime podcast.

Each Wednesday we spin the Wheel of Decision to see what category of true crime we will cover next week.

Will it be Death by Bludgeoning? Serial Killers? Torture Murders??

Listen in to find out!

Every Thursday we release a separate episode called Have You Seen This?! where we review and critique a true crime television documentary.

You will definitely want to hear our hot-takes on the story, the actors, the production, and even the wigs!  (So many bad wigs.)

If you crave more, you can check out our bonus episodes and behind-the-scenes conversations available only on Patreon.

Shoot us an email with a case request, submission, or a happy moment, and remember to answer the age old question, “Vodka or Tequila."

And remember to be aware of your surroundings, or you could end up the next File on The Wardcaster Files!