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Amazing True Crime Podcast

Guys…I just discovered this podcast in May. I went back and listened to every episode ever, and I am so saddened to hear that next week will be the final episode! :( I seriously feel so connected to Joshua and Sherie through this podcast, and I have learned so much about true crime. Also have to ad…

Amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Keeps you interested and informed about the cases. They respect the victims and give them the recognition that they deserve. I love it every time they get a new topic because I can’t wait for the next episode. I hope they keep up the amazing work!

One of the BEST

I adore the hosts and the show. They tell stories that are lesser known and interesting. They show respect for all the victims and often poke fun at the stupidity of criminals. Their “spin” on topics is just as exciting when they find out what they will be researching and then when they tell it. We…

Insightful and non conventional

I listened to several crime podcasts. This one is different. I know that one of the crime podcasts used a clip of this show as a bad example to demonstrate that the hosts should respect the case and respect the victim. I need to say come on! Listen to their full episode! Sherrie and Josh they respe…

Great coverage and interesting cases

I enjoy the hosts and they have introduced me to many cases I didn’t know about, which I didn’t think was possible. Really enjoying the stories and their coverage.

Fellow True Crime Podcaster

I have a true crime podcast as well. Ya’ll are GREAT! I ran across your podcast randomly and just love ya’lls spin (pun intended) on cases and think you guys are so witty. Also, Nashville is one of my favorite cities! Keep up the good work! Would love ya’ll to check us out! Crimes & Closets!

Bingeworthy 💯

Love this podcast! Interesting cases, great dark humor and perfect balance of banter 🖤

Hello - From Oklahomacide Podcast

Great Job! Really enjoy :)

Open the Files

The Wardcaster Files has a near perfect balance of humor, information and dark content that sets it apart even from the best comedic true crime shows. The topics are fascinating, and the hosts are engaging and funny. Give them a listen and subscribe, especially if you're any level of true crime fan.

Why so serious?

As a fan of dark humor I dig the pod cast. I can go anywhere and get the creepy this is real time. These guys put a lighter spin on it and doesn’t bum me out. Everything in life is funny to me, including murder, and I respect their art, and that’s what it is. Kind of like music, it’s how they deal …


I love how fun and interesting this podcast is! They are so good about being respectful to the crimes but also finding humor before things get a little too dark and serious. It’s the PERFECT balance, and I’m such a fan. I feel like I’m always looking for a good true crime pod, and now I just can’t …

Love it!

I love the humor in this one. The stories a great too.

Love it!

They talk about cases that I have never heard before. I like how they are honest about their opinions and don’t try show case it. You can tell they really enjoy what they are doing.

True Crime with a twist

True crime isn’t for everyone

True crime story

I love you guys so much. Y'all keep me entertained from beginning to end as well in the edge‼️‼️Keep up the great podcast guys

They’re great!

I look forward to every Wednesday- it gives me motivation to do the dishes !

True crime fun

This is one of my favorite podcasts. Sherrie and Josh are so good together. I love how they interact; it’s obvious what good friends they are. I look forward to hearing about what’s going on in their lives. Their comments about the crimes and the criminals are hilarious. The Files are great but the…


Chatty but not annoying I love it


Amazing ! Loved it


Love it!!! Great find!!!!✨

Love it!

Excellent find! We came across your show on IG and decided to give it a listen - very glad we did! The hosts are a breath of fresh air and a joy to listen to - the topics are interesting and bingeworthy. Keep up the great work - cannot wait to binge more content <3 Yergy & Drewby


Love this show. Always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes. -Tabby from Your New Best Friends podcast

So into

True crime!!! Great podcast, great stories, allows me to listen to true crime while in car, at work or even doing the worst chore in the world... grocery shopping!!!!

Gripping Stories

Really cool stories and the hosts have a great dynamic

Great info

Omg love the podcast. Many facts on cases that never had the light they needed.

Great podcast

I am loving these episodes. Sherri and Josh are so easy and fun to listen to and keep your interest all the way through