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I listened to several crime podcasts. This one is different. I know that one of the crime podcasts used a clip of this show as a bad example to demonstrate that the hosts should respect the case and respect the victim. I need to say come on! Listen to their full episode! Sherrie and Josh they respect the case and they respect the victim. Of course they make fun of the criminals and how stupid they are! That’s why it makes this show entertaining and non conventional! They are like two friends sitting next to me in my couch, with all the good crime stories! Some of their stories are really unique and really touching. Thanks! Josh for your willingness to share your personal story! Hug hug! They address stories that are from under represented populations. I really like the pride month stories. They are my new world of crimes.
Fabulous, you do you.

Jan. 10, 2021 by Mamahahanana on Apple Podcasts

The Wardcaster Files